At Omuwiwe Hunting Safaris we offer you a high quality hunting adventure, with individual attention to
every aspect of your hunting experience.

To ensure you enjoy your safari to its optimum we suggest that you book at least a 7 to 10 day hunt.
Trophy hunting in our diverse terrains is a challenge for even the most experienced hunter and an
experience you will treasure. The varied population of game ensures intensive hunting with many
possibilities. Available on generous quota within this category are trophies of a very high standard.
Some of our hunting areas are generally physically undemanding, however the ultimate challenge is for
hunters to pitch their skills against those of the elusive mountain zebra. This could however take more
than 7 days as almost all hunts involve fairly strenuous walking and stalking in physically demanding
mountainous terrain.

To take part in a cull hunt is to be part of Omuwiwe’s management control of unwanted animals, namely
inferior and/or surplus game, as well as genetically deficient and/or broken horned non-trophy males.
The selection of unwanted animals, if of interest, is entirely at the discretion of the Professional Hunter
at the time of trophy hunting.

Available from neighbouring reserves are additional species not available within our area, which if in
demand, can easily be arranged at the time of the hunt or when booking with Omuwiwe Hunting Safaris.
Leopard hunting is generally a 16 day hunt. Other species strictly on quota, are subject to obtaining
special permits from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism, usually are also more than the
normal 7 day hunt. Clients will be notified of availability and minimum days of such a hunt at the time of

Trophy hunting season starts 1 February and ends 30 November with the month of February quite often
being too wet and the month of November quite often being too hot.

Kindly contact us for our Price List

a) Hunting Ethics

In general we prefer ethical hunting (walk and stalk) and only hunt from vehicles and hides when
necessary. Special arrangements can be made in cases of elderly and handicapped clients and
sometimes at the discretion of the hunting guides. Walk and stalk ensures fair chase which we believe
is what hunting is all about.

b) Firearms and Ammunition
We leave the particular choice of firearm to our clients. A well sighted, caliber such as the 30.06, .300 or
a .338 work well on plains game as shots of up to 100 metres are possible. We do however recommend
a minimum caliber such as a .300 for species such as oryx, kudu, and eland. We further recommend
180 to 200 grain cartridges.

The following rifles are available for renting:
We suggest you bring soft cases for your weapons, gun cleaning equipment and a gun belt with ammo
pouches. Depending on what you are hunting, you will need at least 40 rounds of soft points and 20
rounds of full metal jackets.

c) Rifle Import Requirements
Hunters entering Namibia with a rifle(s) must complete a temporary import permit application form for all
rifle(s) and/or ammunition in their possession.

Please click below for import permit application form

“The rifle import permit”
In Transit Passengers (Transiting South Africa)

It is critical that you check with and confirm with the airlines involved before departure to make sure
what their procedure is for the transfer of baggage and/or firearms.

If the airline does transfer your baggage/firearms, and you have booked them through to the final
destination, and you stay in the in-transit area and do not clear South African customs, then you need
not go through the temporary import process.

If your airline company will not transfer your baggage/firearms to your connecting flight, then you must
collect your baggage/firearms and go through the entire entry process. If this is the case, the South
African limitations, requirements, etc. will apply.

Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa, whether staying overnight or hunting, will be asked to fill in a
SAP 520 – temporary Import Application which is available from your outfitter, or which can be
downloaded off the SAPS Website at, or which can be filled out on arrival. We would
suggest filling in the form beforehand to save the processing time at the Police Office.

Rifle Make Caliber Scope
Sako 375 H & H Meopta 3 – 12 x 50
Sako 308 Vortex 3 – 10 x 50
Acley improved Custom build 243 Vortex 6 – 20 x 50

d) Liability
Any safari is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful directions and advice of the Safari
Operator or his professional hunter be followed. Omuwiwe Hunting Safaris accepts no responsibility for
any illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari or for any expense arising
from such illness, accident or loss. We suggest that you take out insurance against illness, accident or
loss before you leave home.